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Change your Bra and Change your Life is really something that I see with ladies who wear our bras! I want to help you get a change in your life, too.

I offer Private Fittings. I live in Alexandria, but I can arrange to meet with you at other places.

I offer Bra Boutiques I come to you and your friends and help you all be uplifted! In the process, you can earn free products!

I offer an amazing Business Opportunity! I really enjoy supporting women get their businesses started! Let’s chat about what that can mean for you.

I have added a VIP Group on Facebook. Please join me there:


Jump Start Your January with Bra Lady Pam

Oh my the last few months have been rather hectic and so not the norm for me. The year ended on a bang with me being sick for the whole month of December! Yikes!  Now, it is my time to Jump Start my New Year. Essential Bodywear has also offered some great ways for you to Jump Start Your January as well!

Who wants to start their business off in the black?

Have you been thinking about joining the business, but you can’t swing the start up fee? What if I told you that after one party, you could be in the black? Yes! That’s right! We have an amazing New Rep Incentive this month, and I can show you how to get your business off on the fast track!!

Along with that, you can earn free bras and panties for yourself!!

January is the absolute best time to get your business off the ground with Essential Bodywear!


We are also Jump Starting our Hostess Rewards in January! We have great rewards for our hostesses, but in January, you can earn a bonus bra and panty, too! We also have a great fleece cardigan that you can earn! I love mine. It is the perfect thing to toss on when the weather is just a little chilly! It looks great with leggings and boots! I do have a few dates left to fill up – since I was sick I didn’t fill my calendar like normal. That is to your benefit, as you can still get a party in the books. Did you know even parties booked only a few days before the party can still be really successful? Don’t let short notice scare you away!

We also have something to help you Jump Start your fitness goals this January! The Mia is now available in this pretty green! You can buy any two bras for $136! That’s a great deal! Call me to get your order placed, to host a home show or to set up an appointment to talk about the business opportunity.





Need a Lift?


Help Wanted!!!
There are only 2 active Bra Ladies in Virginia! I am very excited about a special Business Opportunity Chat with one of the owners of the company.

Do you or someone you know:
*Need Extra Money?
*Want a career that is very “Uplifting” and fun?
*Enjoy a night out with the Girls?

You are invited to:
*Meet the Owner, Carrie Charlick
*Hear about the business Opportunity
*Stay for the Team Meeting and get a Free Product!
*Be one of the First Bra Ladies in the Area!!
*Uplift and Support Your Friends and Family while uplifting your finances and even your confidence!

Wednesday August 16 6:30pm
La Madeleine in Kingstowne Center

Carrie Charlick Presents Business Opportunity in Alexandria!

August 16, 2017 at 6:30pm, we will have the pleasure of having EBW Owner, Carrie Charlick, discuss EBW and the difference it has made in the lives of women across the USA. She will show how it can make a difference in your life as well!

Have you been considering a side job? Replacing your full time job with something with more freedom? Do you want something that you can call your own? Do you need to step out of your comfort zone? Are you looking for fun, friends and a boost to your finances?

Essentail Bodywear could be what you are looking for! Join us at La Madeleine at 5876 Kingstowne Towne Center. Refreshments are provided.

There is a rumor, she is bringing gifts for those who attend both the business opportunity and the short team meeting to follow.

To RSVP, call Bra Lady Pam at 915-309-7109 or Sign up through EventBrite

Bra Lady Pam EBW App is Here!

Hello! This is Bra Lady Pam.
I am o excited that I have a new App for my EBW Business!! From the app, you can shop, follow my social media accounts, check out my calendar, book a home show and even join my team!  You can even share it with your significant other, and he can shop for you, too!!

I am in a race to see who can get 100 downloads the quickest!!! Will you download the app and check it out for me?
Download my App here:

Leadership Recap & New Products!

Wow! Amazing! Stoked! Those are three words that come to mind when I think about our Leadership Summit with Essential Bodywear! This was my third Leadership Conference. I have also been to three conferences. I really believe that the products and programs introduced at this conference are going to be real game changers!

One of the programs introduced is going to be such a benefit to our hostesses! It will now be easier to have your guests place outside orders. You will also have a better hostess portal to help with all of your hostessing needs right online! Let’s get you set up and try this out together! I have a few dates left in August!

We had a lot of fun, too! I had my first ride in a Party Bus Limo! 30 Bra Ladies in one Bus made for quite a party!! I even got to see Canada. Next year, I will take my passport, so I can actually go in!

And next up what we have all been waiting for . . . New Products!! 

As Bra Ladies, we have a wish list comprised of items our customers ask for. Essential Bodywear has been listening!! They are helping us mark off the items on our wish lists!!!

Annie is a our new wire-free bra! It is a pretty bra available in buff and navy. It is limited in sizes 34-43 in C, D and E. This is a very comfy bra!

Becki is our new fun and flirty fashion bra! Love this bra! Despite being a plunge bra, this bra does offer great support! It is available in Watermelon and Cornflower Blue. C cups are available with band sizes 36-44. D, E and F cups are available with band sizes 32-44. G Cups are available. in sizes 32-40! I have really enjoyed wearing my Becki!

Oscar’s Best Kept Secret – A really pretty shaper that feels great! I love the fabric! It even has a retro vibe going on – and I don’t mean your mamma’s old girdle!

Our Slip Short is now going to be available in black as well as buff! This is a great little wardrobe enhancer. I am enjoying mine when I wear a slip on the crazy escalators all over DC. I can wear a skirt and not feel like I am flashing! It is also great under dresses that are a little more sheer. It really can help protect modesty. Oh, and it also does a good job of helping those of us without a thigh gap avoid the sandpaper feel!

Oh, and now for something so many of us have been wishing for for such a long time! Introducing the Modern Mom Collection!!! 
Essential Bodywear now has a Nursing Bra and a Nursing Cami!

The Delilah Nursing Bra is so pretty and supportive. It is easy to operate with one hand. It comes in a gorgeous two-tone slate blue and a two-tone buff. These are available in C-H sizes in bands 32-44!  This is going to allow us to fit so many of you! The cups are generous which is going to allow for the natural fluctuations that occur in the day of a nursing mom.

The Nursing Cami is going to be great for new moms.It has a. roomy built in shelf bra, privacy panel and drop down front. It is available in sizes S- XXL. We have a variety of colors – Black, White, Blue and Purple! 

And the best news is they are allowing us to order everything starting today! Call me to get your fitting today! We can do it virtually.








Leadership Conference 2017

Excited to be heading out tomorrow for my third Leadership Conference with Essential Bodywear! My first one, I was considered a Plus One. I was on the track for leadership, and my Upline saw something in me that she wanted me along for the ride. I really appreciate that vote of confidence from Jen Hart. Within a couple of months of returning from Chicago, I had promoted to Team Leader! This is the first year that I have had the opportunity to take a Plus One with me! I am thrilled that Lilith Vander Griend is going to meet me there. She is going to be an amazing Leader! I am so excited about watching her grow and blossom! Next year, she will be able to take her own Plus One! Along with Lilith, I have several other ladies who are on the leadership track. I so wish I could take them all with me! Hopefully, by next year, the Shooting Stars delegation at Leadership will double or triple!

I am humbled and honored to be a part of the EBW Sales Council this year. We have a full day of meetings and brainstorming on Friday followed by a day and a half of Leadership Conference.

I will be updating my Instagram and Facebook with new products and new programs – and lots of fun pics, too! Be sure and follow along to see what is coming! If all the fun pics inspire you to join my team, message me! We can get you set up and ready to go with all the new products. That makes it the perfect time to join my team!

I have a very few open dates in July if you want to get your party in to take advantage of the new product. I will have my calendar with me, so please contact me about getting your date set up!





Help Wanted

yes! We are looking for bra ladies in your area!! There is a real need for Bra Ladies all over the USA. Call me to talk about the opportunity!


You know I love to travel? What is better than having a trip paid for by your company? Join me! let me show you how you can travel for free with EBW!

Summer is Gorgeous with EBW

There are so many gorgeous new options for shoppers this summer! Our hostesses have the lovely new cropped pajamas as an additional hostess exclusive! You won’t want to miss this!

The New Retro Cami is so pretty and oh so versatile! Wear it alone or with a wrap or blazer. Dress it up by adding great accessories. You can even add the matching panties and wear it to bed!

I like it so much, I am stepping out of my comfort zone and modeling it myself! Now is a great time to shop!

It’s Here! The New Limited Edition Abbie!

Everyone’s favorite bra is in a gorgeous new color for summer! Serenity Blue is the perfect color for lazy summer days! As a special surprise, they are being turned on for orders later today! This will be a great Mother’s Day gift to yourself or to someone you love! Abbie brings with her a gorgeous new Nicole as well. Stock up now with an Abbie and 2 Nicoles for $110!  You can also restock your lingerie drawer with an All You need Package for $275. Receive 3 bras, 3 panties and a shaper! You can mix and match your favorite styles and colors. Be sure and check out all the intimate package deals on the shopping site Here!