Articles for the Month of May 2016

Are You Wearing the Right Bra?

85% of women are wearing the wrong size bra? Are you one of them? How do you know?

*When you raise your arm, does your bra go with it?

*Is it so snug, you are whipping it off as soon as you get in the car after work?

*Does your cup runneth over?

*Is there enough room in your cup to add a few kleenex or maybe a sock?

*Do you spend half your day pulling your straps up?

Those are all clues that you might be wearing a poorly fitting bra. A bra should rest comfortably against your chest with minimal movement. The cup should rest flat against your breast tissue without a gap, rolling of fabric, or bubbling over.

Wearing the proper fitting bra is a great investment in your wardrobe. Clothing fits better and is more flattering when there are no unsightly bulges or wrinkles caused by a bad fit or an inferior bra. Put on your favorite bra and a snug fitting top. Now, look in the mirror.
*Do you see a line where your cup should lie flat against your breast?

*Do you have the dreaded 3rd and 4th boob where your breast tissue is overflowing the cup?

*Where is the center of your breast? Is it closer to your waist or your shoulder?

*Turn to the side. Are you sagging or bragging?

*Are there unattractive lumps and bulges?

If you said ‘yes’ to any of those, it is time for your foundation to be repaired! Essential Bodywear carries a great line of bras, panties, and shapers. You can experience this by having a fitting, hosting a home show or begin an uplifting career as a Bra Lady with me! dont give up

I am the Newest Virginia Bra Lady!

I am here in Virginia and ready to get busy!
Screen Shot 2016-05-13 at 7.24.36 AM
Here is a little background information:
We are a women owned company with a primary mission to uplift and support women. We offer a great line of bras, panties and shapewear. We also offer a great business opportunity for women.
*A product every woman needs with the attention every woman deserves
*A great group of supportive women in all levels of the company
*No market saturation (less than 5 reps in the state of Virginia!)
Because I have relocated, I would like to offer three things to the ladies in this area:*Professional, discreet bra fittings in the privacy of your home or in my home fitting studio
*Home Bra Boutiques – since no one really likes to go bra shopping, let’s make it a fun time for you and your friends! We offer great hostess rewards – Free and half Price Items!
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*Join my team! It was sad for me to have to leave my team and friends in Texas. I want develop new relationships here in the area. One of my favorite things about the business is being able to help women reach their goals. Maybe you want to make more money to help your family travel or pay off debt. Maybe you want to do something that is all for you – to help you step out of your comfort zone, expand your horizons. Let me show you how EBW can enhance your life! I currently have two openings for an apprentice. This sia great opportunity to test drive the business for 30 days!
 apprentice open house  copy
Call me today!

Bra Lady Pam is on the Move!

This is the week!
Dean and I are moving to Alexandria, Virginia. I will still be your bra lady! Please feel free to shop on my site. You can still join my team as well. We are growing in Texas, and will now be expanding into VA. My number will stay the same 915-309-7109

moving pam order shipped