Articles for the Month of January 2017

Conference Recap (and the opportunity to win a Free Bra!)

Bra Lady Pam is back from Conference with so much to share!!!

What an amazing weekend the Bra Ladies had in Scottsdale, Arizona! It was disappointing that there was no sun, but we had so much exciting news, we were having to use fans! it was hot, hot, hot!! I am so thankful for my amazing customers and hostesses! Because of you, I was recognized as being one of the top sellers in the company. My team rocked it in 2016, so we were recognized as a top team, too! I am so honored t have been named to a spot on the 2017 Sales Council. It was a great weekend of awards and accolades!

Because I am so excited about the new products, ladies who call me to order by noon on Tuesday will be entered into a drawing for a Free Bra!!! Call me soon!

Where to start? How about with the new, absolutely gorgeous Limited Edition Abbie with matching Nicole panty. The color is Rose Quartz, and it is going to be a hot color this spring! This Abbie comes in C-H cups. Order yours today!

We have a Limited Edition called Miranda. She is bringing sexy back as we embrace the lace! This beautiful set can be considered an overnight set. This allows you to purchase the bra, thong and garter belt for only $100 through January 31! The bra comes in a limited number of sizes.

We have all started on our New Year’s Resolutions for getting in shape, right? What is better to do that with than a brand-new sports bra! You heard it right. This sports bra is amazing! It is called the Mia and comes in a gorgeous teal and black combination. You will want to order this as soon as possible!

For the first time in 4 years, EBW is instituting a price increase. Having this increase is allowing us to do more product development for innovative products. This will go into effect on February 1, so now is a great time to place an order. We will still offer great package deals to allow you to purchase more items at a reduced cost. I want to help you with your whole foundation wardrobe.

We always love our hostesses, but we have a very special exclusive purchase just for you! Hostesses with a qualifying party, can purchase the new Pink Bathrobe for only $20. I wish I could host my own party, because I like the robe so much! It is the softest robe, I have ever worn. All of the bra ladies were wearing them at the conference this weekend! This is a limited edition as well. As long as we have them, you can earn one! Schedule your party soon, because  when they are gone, they’re gone!

I know I am always mentioning what a great time it is to join Essential Bodywear. Thanks to some amazing new programs, it is just getting better and better! New Reps have amazing opportunities to get their business going with less expense – that means making money faster! Joining early in the year also gives you more time to earn the Incentive Trip. What a trip it will be! We will be heading to the Hard Rock Resort, Riviera Maya! I know where I will be in April 2018! Why don’t you plan on going, too?  Let’s chat! I can show you step by step how to earn the trip and make money and have fun while you are doing it!! Ask me how!


New Year – New You!

Everyone says it- they are starting a new year with the new them. Right? I know I have said it! Most of the time, it is our weight or or physical fitness we talk about. Maybe it is being better organized or some other self help action. What if you could build your self esteem, increase your financial stability. and uplift and support other women all by changing your bra?

There is a fun video of me talking about this very thing on my Bra Lady Pam Facebook page. Click here and scroll down to see it.

Two years ago, I joined Essential Bodywear to just help a few ladies find a good bra. It has turned into so much more! It has provided a way for us to travel with trips paid for by the company as well as trips we pay for with my earnings from EBW. It has helped me to make so many great new friends. When we moved across the country for his job this year, I brought mine with me. It opened so many doors to meet so many new people here in the area.

Now, I not only help ladies find a bra, I help them build their self esteem and their financial stability by helping them grow their businesses. Being a team leader has really changed things for me. I love watching ladies grow personally and in their businesses.

Essential Bodywear has an amazing special this week. Call me or message me at 915-309-7109 to let me show you how to get started on a life changing career.

January is also one of our best months to hostess! Help me fill up my calendar!