Leadership Conference 2017

Excited to be heading out tomorrow for my third Leadership Conference with Essential Bodywear! My first one, I was considered a Plus One. I was on the track for leadership, and my Upline saw something in me that she wanted me along for the ride. I really appreciate that vote of confidence from Jen Hart. Within a couple of months of returning from Chicago, I had promoted to Team Leader! This is the first year that I have had the opportunity to take a Plus One with me! I am thrilled that Lilith Vander Griend is going to meet me there. She is going to be an amazing Leader! I am so excited about watching her grow and blossom! Next year, she will be able to take her own Plus One! Along with Lilith, I have several other ladies who are on the leadership track. I so wish I could take them all with me! Hopefully, by next year, the Shooting Stars delegation at Leadership will double or triple!

I am humbled and honored to be a part of the EBW Sales Council this year. We have a full day of meetings and brainstorming on Friday followed by a day and a half of Leadership Conference.

I will be updating my Instagram and Facebook with new products and new programs – and lots of fun pics, too! Be sure and follow along to see what is coming! If all the fun pics inspire you to join my team, message me! We can get you set up and ready to go with all the new products. That makes it the perfect time to join my team!

I have a very few open dates in July if you want to get your party in to take advantage of the new product. I will have my calendar with me, so please contact me about getting your date set up!





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