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Are you a mom who wants to increase the revenue coming into your home? Do you want to supplement an existing income? Do you desire to replace your current income? Do you want to have more money left at the end of your month?

I would welcome the opportunity to show you how you can do those things without going to a full time job in corporate America!

Did you know that 82% of women who make over $100,000, do that through Direct Sales?

Call me today to hear how you can make your dreams come true!

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A few ‘facts’ about being a Bra Lady:

Every where you turn there is another direct sales group wanting you to join. Yes, I know, as it has happened to me. I even joined a few of them over the years. Essential Bodywear is a direct sales organization, but we are different in the fact that we have no market saturation!
– There are less than 40 bra ladies in TX
– There are less than 400 bra ladies in the USA.
– There are 150 million women in the USA

Are you looking for a part time career? Are you looking to supplement your income or to replace your income? I would love to tell you more about Essential Bodywear and the opportunities available with our company!
– Lingerie sales are approximately $10 billion a year!!
– I only “work” a few nights a month
– I make (on average) $50 an hour
– Women want and need what I sell so parties are easy to book

The company provides wonderful incentives for us as well. There are product giveaways. Contests for other things women like – Tiffany Jewelry, Tori Burch Bags and gift cards to places we like to shop! Each year, there is also an incentive trip! Last year’s trip is an all inclusive resort in Puerto Vallarta – the Hard Rock Resort!  This next year’s trip will be in Jamaica! You can still get in on that trip! In January, our annual conference will be in Scottsdale, Arizona

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