EBW Social Media


Social Media is a great way for us to get our name out. There is a lot of talk about Branding Ourselves floating around Direct Sales circles. I know some of you have the benefit of using a website that is your first and last name. I would love to do that, but there is a realtor named Pam Rowell that has had that name for a long time. Instead, I am like a lot of you and use Bra Lady Pam. I use that on several Social Media Platforms. Because we are a visual company – we want ladies to “SEE” the difference, a lot of us take before and after pics. What do you do with them after you take the pics?

I try to make collages for my customers to see the difference. If they don’t buy that night, I will text them their before and after pic. I want them to remember how amazing they looked. If someone wants to return, I text here that before and after, too. Sometimes it works and she remembers what great feeling it was to look that good. I really need to spend some time and catch up on making collages of all the before and afters in my phone. Right now, if someone found my phone, they would really wonder about me from my photos – lots of headless chest pics! Collages are great ways to present before and after pics. I know a lot of you probably have your favorites. I use Pic Stitch, but Photo Grid and Photo Collage are also options.

Because I use Pic Stitch, I am going to show you a couple of ways to make the collages look their best.

You can always just pull two pics in and place them like here in the before picture. In the after picture, I have made a couple of ways adjustments to help the image look a little better. One thing I would like to say from a photography standpoint, is to take the pic flat, not pointing down. Also, step back and get more room around them. This gives you more room to adjust in the collage. You can see that I made it so the before and after photo are close to the same size and perspective. That helps them see the difference.

In Pic Stitch, you have the option to change the aspect ratio of the image – so instead of long and skinny, you can make the images each a little wider. I play with them until I find the one I want. Then, I export it to my camera roll.

Michelle got a little more creative and did this with Photo Collage.

And that will bring us to our next section about creativity.

Because of my background in photography and using photoshop, it sometimes seems like I have an advantage. I want to show you how you can do it even if you not are photoshop savvy.

There are a variety of software and apps that you can use for images. I use more photoshop, because it is what I am comfortable with. It has a learning curve, so it is probably not what you want to learn just to do a few graphics. It also costs. Several other bra ladies and others in other direct sales companies use the following for graphics.

Canva – can be used on your computer or as an app. I use it, but it frustrates me because it is not photoshop. I have been using photoshop for about 20 years, so it just feels right. I have seen amazing work done with Canva.  https://www.canva.com


Poster My Walls http://www.postermywall.com/index.php/g/event-flyers I see a lot of really nice images come from here. It is a computer application.


Red Stamp is a smart phone app. I know a lot of ladies use it very successfully.

Pic Monkey https://www.picmonkey.com has a computer version and an app. I played with it just a little bit. I will say they try to sell you the premium version, but it is not necessary. Just do the basic version by clicking on Edit a Photo. My sweet friend, Amber did this for me to show that even if you are brand new to this, you can still do a great image!

If you want to just add text, I think Typorama on the iPhone works great.

Now, that you have designing graphics down, let’s talk about something that needs to be on every image.

Your Contact information needs to be on EVERY thing you post that is considered an ad. And, before you say anything, I know the bra lady above doesn’t have it. I just did that as an example to show you. I do put things (usually personal pics) on my instagram account and share them to my facebook without adding text. They do show up from my BraLadyPam instagram account and post to my Bra Lady Pam Facebook page. My info is in my bio on both of them. If your bio does not contain your contact information, that needs to be fixed right away.

You want your customers and potential customers to be able to find you. Even company graphics, need to have your info on it. You can add text using Typorama. Monthly specials, hostess incentives, recruiting ads  – everything needs to have your information on it. 

The last thing you need to make sure you have is consistency.

Stick to one name if possible on all of your info. Another way I try to be consistent is to choose one day a week that I advertise in Facebook groups. Some groups have only certain days you can advertise. Because so many groups are different, I try to have a system where the majority of the groups I do on a certain day. The others, I do on their ad day. If you advertise that way, follow up. If someone comments, respond!

I hope this simplified social media graphics for you. You may still be thinking that you need tutorials in all of these programs. YouTube! There is a video for almost everything!

I look forward to seeing all of your posts!