Host a Bra Boutique

Want to earn your favorite EBW products at a discount or even free? Want a great excuse to have a few friends over? Invite me for a Bra Boutique! Hostesses have fabulous perks for letting me perk up your friends. In July, the perks are even perkier! Call me at 915-309-7109 to book your show!

I get a lot of questions about what to expect at a Bra Boutique. Let me assure you that a Bra Boutique is very discreet. The initial part of the fitting is done over you clothes! When we have determined the proper size to start with, you will go to a dressing room (often the bathroom or bedroom) and try it on. You will then put your clothes back on over the bra. No one sees you in your bra (or less!) Please do not have any concerns that we will embarrass you! I am a professional bra fitter offering a professional service.

Hostesses get so many bonuses! Free bras, panties, and half price items are all part of our plan. Let me show you how to earn them.

Bra Boutiques are lots of fun! We can customize it to you and your friends.
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  1. Rachael Nichols

    Hi! I am so excited to get some new bras! I am a LuLaRoe Retailer with a great boutique space. I’d love to host a Bra party here at my Boutique allowing my friends and clients to get fitted for the perfect bra under the perfect LLR!

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